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Department Members

Ms. Brenda Alba
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Ms. Itita Alexander
Yearbook Advisor
11th and 12th Grade Team Leader

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Ms. Elizabeth Ceballos
EHS Sponsor
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Ms. Caroline Coffey
Reading Dept. Chairperson
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Ms. Cathy Conkling-Wagner
Department Chairperson
Voicemail Extension 4331
English Office 2461
Reading Office 2462
Email Ms. Conkling-Wagner
Mr. Jason Crespo
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Mr. John De La Cruz
Voicemail Extension 4339 Email Mr. De La Cruz
Ms. Nicola Frisby
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Ms. Rommy Duran
Ms. Amanda Espana
Voicemail Extension 4356 Email Ms. Espana
Ms. Anmarie Etchart
12th Grade Team Leader
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Ms. Nicola Frisby
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Ms. Lyssa Galy
Voicemail Extension 4256 Email Ms. Galy
Ms. Brigitte Green
Reading Coach
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Mr. Fred Green
Voicemail Extension 4300 Email Mr. Green
Ms. Stacey Griffin
Voicemail Extension 4319 Email Ms. Griffin

Mr. Michael Hill
9th Grade Team Leader

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Ms. Susan McAllister
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Ms. Jodi McBride
Voicemail Extension 4241 Email Ms. McBride
Ms. Yolanda Muller
9th and 10th Grade Team Leader
Voicemail Extension 4203 Email Ms. Muller
Ms. Noreen Panadero
Voicemail Extension 4258 Email Ms. Panadero
Ms. Monica Perez de Corcho
EHS Sponsor
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Mr. Michael Portnoy
  Email Mr. Portnoy
Ms. Melissa Ray
11th Grade Team Leader

Voicemail Extension 4326

Email Ms. Ray
Mr. Nicholas Ronda
Voicemail Extension 4345 Email Mr. Ronda
Ms. Roberta Sussman
Voicemail Extension 4322 Email Ms. Sussman
Ms. Jamie Walker
10th Grade Team Leader
Voicemail Extension 4232 Email Ms. Walker
Curriculum Information

The Language Arts Department offers the required English courses mandated by the State of Florida. English I, II, III, and IV are further divided into regular, honors, gifted and advanced placement (11th and 12th only).

Please refer to the Curriculum Bulletin for further details. In addition to the required courses, our department offers a variety of electives.

The electives offered are the following:

  • Cinematography
  • Creative Writing
  • Intensive Reading 9th and 10th
  • Intensive Reading 11th and 12th
  • Journalism
  • Philosophy
  • Speech and Debate
  • Yearbook
Book Fair

Every year the Killian PTSA provides students in all grade levels an opportunity to buy their required novels and workbooks at school during their English class period. It usually takes place during the beginning of the First Nine Weeks.

Your child will be notified of the Book Fair date and the novels or workbooks he or she will need to purchase. Please support the PTSA by encouraging your child to purchase his or her books at the Book Fair.

Summer Reading

Download the required and suggested reading lists by grade level:


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