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Department Members

Mr. Donald Brott
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Ms. Elizabeth Duenas
Voicemail Extension 4307 Email Ms. Duenas
Mr. Andrew Greene
Voicemail Extension 4306 Email Mr. Greene
Mr. Russell Harcha
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Ms. Carla Hernandez
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Ms. Julia Hoar
Voicemail Extension 4302 Email Ms. Hoar
Ms. Jennifer Kaelin, NBCT
Ms. Kaelin's Website
Voicemail Extension 4342 Email Ms. Kaelin
Ms. Rory Kaufman
Voicemail Extension 4275 Email Ms. Kaufman
Dr. Michael McGraw
Department Chairperson
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Dr. McGraw's Website
Office Extension 2253
Voicemail Extension 4209
Email Dr. McGraw
Ms. Deanna Salgado
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Ms. Erika Sheppard
Ms. Sheppard's Website
Voicemail Extension 4372 Email Ms. Sheppard
Mr. David Stone
Mr. Stone's Website
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Ms. Jeanne Urban
Voicemail Extension 4257 Email Ms. Urban
Ms. Marianne Vanevic
Voicemail Extension 4365 Email Ms. Vanevic
Science News & Information

Graduation Requirements: Each student is required to take 3 science courses in order to graduate: earth/space science, biology, and either chemistry or physical science. After these courses are taken, each student then has a choice to take any number of science courses as an elective. Please refer to the Curriculum Bulletin to find out more information about all of our courses.

Lab Fees: All students are required to pay a lab fee. The amounts are $6 for Regular classes and $10 for all Honors and AP classes. This small fee covers the basic cost of materials needed for all labs throughout the year. IF A STUDENT DOES NOT PAY THE LAB FEE, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED A DEBT AND MUST BE PAID IN ORDER TO GRADUATE.

Notebook Contract: The Science Department has implemented a notebook contract that will be followed in all science classes. To download the departmental contract, click here. (Must have Acrobat Reader. Click here to download.)

Teacher Websites: Several of our teachers have designed or are in the process of designing their own websites and links to them can be found under their names above. Included in most of them are assignment lists, course syllabi, and other course information.

AP Exams: Killian offers 5 Advanced Placement science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics B, Physics C, and Environmental Science. For more information on the Advanced Placement Program, please visit AP@collegeboard.com

Course Offerings
Click here to see a listing of all science courses offered at Miami Killian. For more information, see the Curriculum Bulletin page in the Parent Menu.

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