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Department Members

Ms. Gloria Castillo
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Ms. Ximena Cianferoni
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Dr. Daniel DeVries
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Ms. Fabiana Noriega
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Mr. Christopher Ray
Department Chairperson
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Ms. Joana Regueira-Munoz
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Ms. Sheryl Place
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Course Offerings

The World Languages Department offers the following courses:

  • American Sign Language
  • French
  • Spanish-S & Spanish-FL

Click here to see a listing of all foreign language courses offered at Miami Killian. For more information, see the Curriculum Bulletin page in the Parent Menu.

Why Enroll in a Foreign Language Course?

A person who speaks more than one language is able to build better public relations with the outside world and help bring peace to the world through understanding. A foreign language is an ancillary skill in a career choice. The most important reason is because it enriches the student's life aesthetically.

Additionally, students who study a foreign language usually have: higher scores in English vocabulary; better results on standardized tests in reading; higher scores on tests of creativity; significantly higher scores on their SAT and ACT college exams; and higher achievement levels in college.

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