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Department Members

Ms. Evelyn Alvarado
Department Chairperson
Voicemail Extension 4341 Email Ms. Alvarado
Ms. Sylvia Baldoquin
Voicemail Extension4361 Email Ms. Baldoquin
Mr. Marcus Ballard
Extension 2447 Email Mr. Ballard
Ms. Julianna Czaja
Voicemail Extension 4296 Email Ms. Czaja
Ms. Rosa Edgar
Program Specialist
Extension 2256 Email Ms. Edgar
Ms. Maria Espinosa
Extension 2202 Email Ms. Espinosa
Ms. Christine Garmendia-Waters
Voicemail Extension 4323 Email Ms. Garmendia-Waters
Ms. Hilda Gonzalez
  Email Ms. Gonzalez
Ms. Jany Li Lopez
Ms. Lopez's Website
Voicemail Extension 4207 Email Ms. Lopez
Ms. Lynda Marin
Voicemail Extension 4294 Email Ms. Marin
Mr. Pat Newbold
Extension 2327 Email Mr. Newbold
Ms. Barbara Rios
Voicemail Extension 4304 Email Ms. Rios
Ms. Leticia Rios
Voicemail Extension 4245 Email Ms. Rios
Ms. Esther Sterental
Voicemail Extension 4356 Email Ms. Sterental
Ms. Leslie Sullivan
Voicemail Extension 4351 Email Ms. Sullivan
Ms. Lukecia Thomas-Coakley
Voicemail Extension 4348 Email Ms. Thomas-Coakley
Ms. Giomar Triguero
  Email Ms. Triguero
Ms. Liz Ugaz
Extension 2406 Email Ms. Ugaz
Ms. Ann Marie Vazquez
Extension 2202 Email Ms. Vazquez
Ms. Maria Walroth
Voicemail Extension 4259 Email Ms. Walroth
Ms. Marguerite Yhuel
Extension 2327 Email Ms. Yhuel
Course Offerings
Click here to see a listing of all ESE courses offered at Miami Killian. For more information, see the Curriculum Bulletin page in the Parent Menu.

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