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Ms. Jennifer Araneda
Email Ms. Araneda
Student Assignments:
  • A – Cal, and all ESOL
Extension 2214
Ms. Maria Lopez
Email Ms. Lopez
Student Assignments:
  • Cam-Dem, and all SPED
Extension 2254
Ms. Nicola Henry
Email Ms. Henry
Student Assignments:
  • Den-H
Extension 2228
Mr. Saul Weissman
Email Mr. Weissman
Student Assignments:
  • I-Pap
Extension 2224
Ms. Lourdes Botana, NBCT
Email Ms. Botana
Student Assignments:
  • Par-S
Extension 2211
Ms. Fay Weinberg
Department Chairperson
Email Ms. Weinberg
Student Assignments:
  • T-Z
Extension 2210
Ms. Brenda Benitez
Email Ms. Benitez
Student Assignments:
  • Special ESE Counselor
Extension 2229
Other Student Services
Ms. Cynthia Hart
Email Ms. Hart
  • College Advisor (CAP)
Extension 2251
Ms. Jennifer Morales-Gomez
Email Ms. Morales-Gomez
  • School Psychologist
Extension 2220
Ms. Wendy Barnett
Email Ms. Barnett
  • Test Chairperson
Extension 2255
Mr. Javier Berezdivin
Email Mr. Berezdivin
  • TRUST Counselor
Extension 2265
Parent & Student Resources
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